Due to our extensive technical knowledge and training of our technicians, we are able to provide a prompt repair service to all types of Commercial and Industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

This includes all types of Refrigerants, Glycol, Freon, Alcohol, Nitrogen, CO2 systems and Ammonia systems.


  • We provide Preventative Maintenance programs that are tailored to suit the client’s individual needs or requirements
  • Our maintenance schedule can be carried out on a Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly or Yearly basis, depending on the type of equipment and the level of use
  • T & S Refrigeration can provide consultation for your future refrigeration or air conditioning requirements
  • Our technicians are trained to provide emergency support for refrigerant leaks, in particular, Ammonia leaks and emergencies relating to ammonia
  • Perform audits on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment to determine efficiency for the purposes of calculating Carbon Footprints and energy consumption.